It’s What’s Not Seen On TV That Matters

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ditching the services of traditional real estate to ‘self-sell’ their property
are running the risk of losing more than they bargained for and ending up
financially exposed according to specialist real estate trainer Validum Institute.

With more
than 17 years’ insight into the property industry, Validum Institute’s
Wei-Loong Chen has seen it all and urges those thinking of going down the
‘self-sell’ path to think again. 

“We’ve all
heard the stereotypes about real estate agents and we’ve all seen how easy they
make it look on reality TV shows, but at the end of the day there is more
involved in selling your house than taking some nice pictures and putting a
sign up in your yard,” Mr Chen said. 

“In many ways
real estate agents have been their own worst enemy, Mr Chen said. 

“For years
they have just done their job so well and made it look easy that many people
now feel they can do it themselves and keep the commission. 

“But as they often say, don’t believe everything you see on TV’. If it was that simple agencies like Ray White and Place wouldn’t exist today. 

“Whilst it sounds tempting to save on commission fees, the reality of selling a house is often much more complex than sellers realise at first glance. A licenced real estate agent will save you time, money and a lot of unnecessary heartache. 

preparing your house for sale, developing and implementing a marketing campaign
and then taking care of negotiations and legals, real estate agents use their
market knowledge industry experience to help you get a higher selling price
than you would get by selling on your own.”

As one of Australia’s leading Registered Training Organisations, Validum Institute has been delivering nationally recognised real estate and property courses and qualifications since 2016.

“I’ve seen firsthand the extensive training licenced real estate agents undertake so they can get their licence from the Office of Fair Trading Queensland.

“If you are
thinking of self-selling your property, I would urge you to reconsider and go
and speak to a handful of real estate agents. 
It won’t cost you anything and could make you a small fortune.”

Real Estate Sector Delivers Jobs Boom

the great Australian dream showing no signs of ending, there has never been a
better time to start your career in property. 

said the success of Australia’s property industry is often overlooked leaving
the door wide open for budding entrepreneurs to make their mark.

facts speak for themselves, in Australia nearly two per cent of the population
is employed in real estate which is the same figure for media, communications
and mining,” Wei-Loong said. 

at 2.9% of GDP, the real estate sector brings in more than the administration
and support services sector as well as the agriculture and hospitality

19.5 per cent of Australia’s investment goes into the ownership of property
with a further 4.3% going into rental and real estate investment.  The investment in mining nationally sits at
26.6 per cent.”

the uncertain economic times and the increasing focus on jobs in the new
economy, Wei-Loong said real estate careers continue to stand the test of time
with the sector predicted to record recording above average employment over the
next five years.

there being more channels for people to sell their property, the demand for
skills real estate agents shows no sign of slowing down,” Wei-Loong said.

with property prices continuing to rise so do the opportunities to make money.

more than 17 years’ experience in the property sector, Wei-Loong is one of
Validum Institute’s leading trainers helping prospective real estate agents get
on the pathway to success. 

isn’t much I haven’t seen in my time in this sector,” Wei-Loong said. 

and technology might change, but the basic principles of hard work, customer
service and innovation remain the same. 

“At Validum Institute we know that to have a successful career in real estate you need more than just a piece of paper.  All of our students benefit from our real world experience as benefit with ongoing coaching and mentoring from some of Australia’s leading real estate professionals.

you are looking for a change from the routine and have a zest for success, I
encourage you to think carefully about a career in real estate.

the only industry I can think of where the opportunities are endless.”

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